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Learning Aids, Global Reading Assignments and Events of Interest in the Washington area

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Adolph Kolping  had more time to devote to travel and writing articles, which gained him recognition as a writer and journalist. Through his example and efforts the journeymen's organization grew. By 1865, over 400 local groups of the journeymen's organization had been established and were functioning throughout Europe and in America. / Annette von Droste-Hulshoff was, beyond doubt, the most gifted and original of German women poets. Her verse is strong and vigorous, but often unmusical even to harshness; one looks in vain for a touch of sentimentality or melting sweetness in it.
Adolph Kolping  had intended to lead an academic life, not a social reformer, but his work with the journeymen made him realize that he should devote his life and efforts to the working people and their organization. Through his example and efforts the journeymen's organization grew. By 1865, over 400 local groups of the journeymen's organization had been established and were functioning throughout Europe and in America. / Annette von Droste-Hulshoff  was, beyond doubt, the most gifted and original of German women poets. Her verse is strong and vigorous, but often unmusical even to harshness; one looks in vain for a touch of sentimentality or melting sweetness in it. As a lyric poet, she is at her best when she is able to attune her thoughts to the sober landscape of the Westphalian moorlands of her home. Her narrative poetry, and especially Das Hospiz auf dem Grossen St Bernard and Die Schlacht im Loener Bruch (both 1838), belongs to the best German poetry of its kind.

Eight Minute Global Readings and Exercises

Schinkel Alte Wache
Eight Minute Global Reading for May 31


Click on the link above. The article contains vocabulary and grammar beyond what you have learned thus far.  But you are reading only for the gist of the article to stretch the linguistic segment of  your brain.

Read the article slowly and out loud  for who-what-where-when, looking up no vocabulary.  What is the likely genre of this reading selection?  Devote no more than 8 minutes to this. Print the entire article out and bring to class. 

Eight Minute Global Reading for May 24
Eight Minute Global Reading for May 17
Eight Minute Global Reading for May 10
Eight Minute Global Reading for May 3:
Eight Minute Global Reading for April 26:
Eight Minute Global Reading for April 19:

Heinrich der Löwe

Am 1.2.1168 heiratete Heinrich im Dom zu Minden seine zweite Frau Mathilde, die erst 12 Jahre alte Tochter des Königs von England Heinrich II..  Mathilde war eine Schwester von Richard Löwenherz. Diese Heirat begründete die enge Verbindung der Welfen mit dem englischen Könighaus, so daß im 19. Jahrhundert sogar die Könige (bzw. der Kurfürst) von Hannover gleichzeitig auch Könige von Großbritannien waren.

Read the article for who-what-where-when [and maybe why], looking up no vocabulary; devote no more than 8 minutes to this. Print the article out and bring to class.  Why does the first sentence end with 2 periods?

Computer Generated Translation for April 19
  Click on the link above. An example of a computer generated translation of material from your textbook.
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Learning Aids

Germanic Language Tree Schematic showing the historical relationships of English with High German and with the other Germanic languages. For detailed background information on the individual Germanic Languages click HERE. A very short and simple list of Definitions of Parts of Speech gives a quick overview of grammatical concepts that apply both to English and German
This list of Strong verbs in German -- starke Verben in Deutsch lists the forms of approximately 100 strong German verbs. [NB link!] A succinct on-line Grammar of German from William and Mary offers a quick survey of grammar elements.
Deutsche Phonetik offers practice in  pronunciation of some common German sounds using everyday vocabulary and using RealAudio. Keyboarding German text with the US-International Keyboard in Windows 95/98 and XP  This keyboard allows easy typing of those symbols peculiar to German as well as those for standard English.
Subjunctive Outline Forms of the subjunctive used in indirect discourse and in contrary to fact conditional sentences. Passive Voice Outline A comparison of the forms and meanings of werden [1] when used as a main verb with an adjective or with a noun or [2] the forms of werden when used to form the passive voice.
Fraktur: a link for practice in Fraktur, the printed version of German text used before WW1 and also 1933-1935.

Several practice readings are also presented.

Sütterlin handwriting, the German equivalent to the Palmer Method. For use in reading handwritten materials from about 1900 to 1950. Especially helpful for genealogical purposes.


Click HERE to go Home Kalenderblatt für Heute  [Today in History - from a German perspective; also includes name days and saints' days.] Weather Forecast in German or English
Berlin Wetter auf Deutsch, HIER klicken
Vienna weather in English CLICK HERE

         German Language Cultural Events in Washington

  •  Wednesday, April 13, 7 pm FILM Titanic This Nazi propaganda version is a masterpiece of the genre. The scenes of the sinking were so well-done that they were lifted (uncredited) and used in the British film of 1958. In German with English titles. Preceded by an animated short film. Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, 545 Seventh St SE
  • Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar 2005: "German History, 1890-1930." To be held at the GHI (DC), April 13-16, 2005. Conveners: Roger Chickering (Georgetown University) and Richard F. Wetzell (GHI).
  • April 15 – April 18, 2005 FILM and SYMPOSIUM Selling Democracy – Films of the German Marshall Fund, 1948-1953 This landmark series, presented in association with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Goethe-Institut, and the German Historical Museum, features 25 films made in Europe by the Marshall Plan’s Motion Picture Section and by the Documentary Film Unit of the U.S. Office of Military Government (OMGUS) after WWII. Each program will be followed by an informal Q&A session with curator Sandra Schulberg and special guests, including Marshall Plan historians and participants. In conjunction with the DC International Film Festival. Ticket prices vary.
  • Friday, April 15, 8 pm MUSIC Bach Alive in the Nation’s Library Washington Bach Consort J. Reilly Lewis First in a series of performances exploring connections between the Baroque master, whose autograph scores of Cantatas 9 and 10 reside in the Library, and other genres of choral music found in the Library’s vast archives. Coolidge Auditorium 
  • Friday, April 15, 3 pm Selling Democracy 1. Out of the Ruins In these films, Germany struggles to shed its Nazi past, while Holland and Italy emerge from the ruins. $ 6/ $ 4 
  • Friday, April 15, 6:30 pm Selling Democracy 2. Help is on the Way This program is part of the DC International Film Festival These films typify the can-do spirit of the Marshall Planners before anti-Communist anxieties set in. $ 9 through, 703-218-6500 or at the box office. Regal Cinema, 707 Seventh St. NW 
  • GERMAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE Saturday, April 16, 1 pm WALKING TOUR Historic Schools At times, Washington DC’s educational system and its school buildings have  been considered models of excellence, innovation and foresight, and they can be again. What is the history of education in Washington? How are these historic structures being preserved? What is their future? Stops will include the Webster School (formerly the Americanization School), the Franklin School, and the Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives. Architectural historian Tanya Beauchamp will give a brief talk about preservation issues at the Franklin School (both Franklin and Sumner were designed by German-American architect Adolf Cluss). The tour will conclude with an opportunity to view the current exhibits and the facilities at the Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives. Led by Alice Stewart, local historian. Tour involves considerable walking. No charge as part of Cultural Tourism DC’s Walkingtown, DC weekend event. RSVP to 202-289-1200, ext. 510. 
  • Saturday, April 16, 7 pm Selling Democracy 3. True Fiction Marshall Plan filmmakers created a sense of drama in nearly all of their films. Numerous documentaries were partially staged, becoming docu-dramas. The Marshall Plan also commissioned full-fledged fiction films. $ 6/ $ 4 Saturday, April 16, 9 am – 2 pm SPECIAL EVENT Annual Meeting of the Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid-Atlantic Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, MD Monday, April 18, 7:30 pm CONCERT The Left Bank Ensemble Beethoven Society of America Tickets 703-960-9876 German Embassy 
  • Monday, April 18, 6:30 pm Tuesday, April 19, 8:30 pm FILM The Miracle of Bern Part of the DC International Film Festival $9 Avalon Theater
  • Tuesday, April 19, 12:30 pm LECTURE Thomas Demand Meet Demand, one of Germany’s most important contemporary photographers. Organized by the German Embassy with support from the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and The Smithsonian Institution’s Office of International Relations. 202-298-4241 Ring Auditorium, Hirshhorn Museum, Independence Ave NW
  • Thursday, April 21, 6 – 8 pm Lecture Confronting the End: Reflections on Nazi Leaders in 1945 Peter Longerich, Royal Holloway, University of London RSVP 202-387-3355 or  German Historical Institute
  • Thursday, April 21, 8 pm LECTURE Die politische Entwicklung Südosteuropas im 19. Jahrhundert German Language Society Brig. General (ret.) Peter Pichler Tickets 703-379-7849 German Embassy
  • Sunday, April 24, 3 – 7 pm MUSIC Unter den Linden The Washington Sängerbund Spring concert and tea dance – an elegant afternoon celebrating the music of some of Berlin’s favorite composers. Savories, desserts, wine, tea and coffee follow the concert along with three hours of lovely dance music played by the celebrated Con Brio! Quintet. For tickets ($40), mail a check to Mrs. Renate Mueller, Treasurer, 9021 Golden Leaf Court, Springfield, VA 22153 (payable to: Washington Sängerbund). Tel. 703-913-4833. Information 202-310-4691. Meridian House 1630 Crescent Place, NW 
  • Scene of the Crime: Betrayal Saturday, April 23 at 9 PM on MHz  German detective series with English subtitles. Virginia PBS WNVC, Channel 56 over the air. 
    A diplomat of the Foreign Office is found dead. He was shot in the head at close range. One of the suspects is Karolin Schmidt, even though Karolin has been reported dead by newspapers. Ballauf and Schenk discover both men worked in Columbia. Or could it be that the murderer is Axel König, a man who was held hostage in Columbia and has never recovered from this shock.
  • April 25 – May 11 Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington Bruno Ganz (most recently appearing in Downfall) is in many ways the quintessentially European actor, comfortable in roles that require German, Italian, French and even English. Born in 1941 to a Swiss father and an Italian mother, by the early 60s Ganz was already active on the German stage and would later go on to co-found with Peter Stein Berlin's famous and influential Schaubühne Theater.  retrospective of films to which Ganz has contributed his talent. 
  • Monday, April 25, 6 – 8 pm LECTURE Victors’ Justice? The Nuremberg Trial and the Invention of International Crime Richard Overy, University of Exeter RSVP 202-387-3355 or  German Historical Institute
  • Monday, April 25, 6:30 pm Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington Behind Me Director: Norbert Wiedmer Bruno Ganz teamed up with veteran documentary filmmaker Norbert Wiedmer to create this touching portrait/diary film that follows the actor as he travels across Europe playing Faust, a stage role with which he has become singularly identified. $ 6/ $ 4 
  • April 25 – May 18 MULTIMEDIA EXHIBIT Herzliche Grüsse/Heart-Felt Greetings Until May 18 Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, MD 
    Tuesday, April 26, 7:30 pm Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington In the White City Director: Alain Tanner One of Alain Tanner's most beautiful films, In the White City is a haunting, bluesy mood piece that follows a disconnected sailor who decides to jump ship in Lisbon. Bruno Ganz plays this sailor, Paul, a Swiss who suddenly finds himself entranced by the ghostly "white city" on the edge of the Atlantic. $ 5 RSVP to 202-944-6091 or La Maison Française, French Embassy 
  • Wednesday, April 27, 7:30 pm CONCERT Artemis QuartetWashington Performing Arts Society Tickets 202-785-9727 Kennedy Center Terrace Theater
  • Wednesday, April 27, 6:30 pm Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington Knife in the Head Director: Reinhard Hauff Dr. Berthold Hoffman (Ganz) is a leading biogeneticist, married to his work and uninterested in politics. One night he is caught in cross-fire and shot in the head. He awakes with no memory of the event, and struggles to reconstruct his shattered personality and life. $ 6/$ 4 
  • Thursday, April 28, 7:30 pm Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington The Girl from Lorraine Director: Claude Goretta When Christine arrives in Paris without money or support, she seems to be an easy victim. All sorts of people are prepared to give her work - but with a compromise on her part. $ 5 RSVP to 202-944-6091 or  La Maison Française, French Embassy 
  • Thursday, April 28, 6:45 pm book conversation Storm of Steel One may well ask what promoted Penguin Books last summer to publish a new translation of Ernst Jünger’s World War I memoir, In Stahlgewittern (Storm of Steel)? The book’s ambivalent character is exemplified in Michael Dirda’s comments in his Washington Post review. Dirda writes: “I have absolutely no love for the martial spirit…and feel queasy at the sight of blood. Yet I can’t remember when I’ve read a book as thrilling and hypnotic, as perversely magnificent” as this work. No charge. Organized by the American Goethe Society RSVP  
  • Friday, April 29, 6:30 pm Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington Bread and Tulips Director: Silvio Soldini Bruno Ganz shines as Fernando, a suicidal Icelandic waiter living in Venice in Silvio Soldini's delightful film, one of the best-loved Italian comedies of recent years. The story begins when Rosabla, played by the marvelous Licia Maglietta, is left behind at a highway rest stop while on a vacation trip.$ 6/$ 4 
  • Friday, April 29, 8:30 pm Bruno Ganz Retrospective in Washington Truth and Lies Director: Piergiorgio Gay Based on the well-loved novel by Sandro Veronesi, The Power of the Past, the film tells the story of Giovanni Orzan (Sergio Rubini), an acclaimed writer of children's books, married with an eight-year-old son. One day, a man comes to his door; he introduces himself as Gianni Bogliasco (Bruno Ganz), and claims that he was an old friend of Giovanni's recently deceased father. When Gianni reveals that the father was in fact a spy for the KGB, Giovanni's whole world seems to collapse. $ 6/$4 
  • Saturday, April 30, 4 – 6:30 pm SPECIAL EVENT Maifest (May Festival) Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, MD Join Zion for MayFest 2005 with  Free Admission. A Maibaum (May Pole) in Zion's Garden is the focal point for family activities like singing, folk dancing, a Kasperltheater (puppet theater), Kaffe and Kuchen (German sweet treats) and Maibowle (May Punch).
  • Seminar: German History Seminar. To be held at the GHI (DC), Saturday, April 30, 12:00pm to 3:30 pm. Paper by Katherine Aaslestad, University of West Virginia: Revisiting 1806: Napoleon and German Central Europe" Contact: Marion Deshmukh, George Mason University, 
  • Blue Moon A film by Andrea Maria Dusl, Austria 2002 (in German with English subtitles, 91 min.) When Johnny Pichler turns his back on the safety of Western Europe and ventures into the far reaches of Eastern Europe, he is following the summons of love. Shirley frequents hotel rooms in search of her future. Jana, a taxi driver in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, is held hostage by her own past and hopes to deal with it by minding a herd of sheep and a host of secrets. Small-time crook Ignaz, floundering helplessly in the bewildering post-communist world, has only money on his mind. On the run from the snares of intimacy, they all embark on an odyssey of emotions until the Blue Moon rises over distant Odessa. April 24, 2005 at 7:00 pm at the George Washington University/Gelman Library Location: 2130 H Street, Washington, DC 20037 Admission free
  • Sunday, May 1 - A. G. A. S. German Day, an indoor festival featuring live music, crafts, vendors and food. This event is sponsored by the A. G. A.  S. and is to help promote the German heritage. Come and find out about  customs and the heritage. Or, you can come to listen to the music and  mingle with all of the friendly people.  
  • Sunday, May 1, 3 pm MUSIC The Joy of Bach three of Bachl's most famous works. Our program begins with the Third Orchestral Suite that combines virtuoso flare with a wide variety of mood and texture. Renowned Canadian Soprano Suzie LeBlanc makes her Consort debut singing the brilliant solo Cantata No. 51. The concert is concluded with the majestic Ascension Oratorio that, in addition to its rich palette of solo and instrumental writing, includes the celebrated alto aria that would later become the penultimate movement of the B Minor Mass. Washington Bach Consort Schlesinger Performing Arts Center, Alexandria, VA
  • Thursday, May 5, 11 am – 2 pm SPECIAL EVENT Springfest Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, MD On one Thursday a year, Spring Fest delivers delicious German foods, German punch, and pastries during the lunch hours. There is also a flower and herb sale under the historic Mercer Tiles. Inside the Parish Hall you can find a gift for mothers day with books, pictures and knick-knacks- many with a German theme.
  • Exhibition: "Art Enables spricht deutsch," a show of original works, will be exhibited at the German Historical Institute from May 6-June 17, 2005. An opening reception will be held on May 6, 2005, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm, in conjunction with the Dupont Circle Gallery Walk. Please call 202.387.3355 to RSVP.  
  • Saturday, May 7, 7:30 pm MUSIC A Brahms Birthday Celebration Liebeslieder Waltzes, Duets, and Songs of Johannes Brahms, on the occasion of his 172nd birthday. Elizabeth Kluegel, soprano, Karyn Friedman, mezzo soprano, Jason Rylander, tenor, Gary Poster, bass, Ruth Rose and Carl Banner, duo-pianists. For tickets ($15) and information: 301-493-5729, Washington Musica Viva BannerArts Studio 4233C Howard Ave. Kensington MD
    Tuesday, May 10, 6:30 pm READING AND discussion “My Father’s Country” History of a German Family How is it possible that a loyal Nazi, someone who fought in Russia and served as a defense officer in Berlin, could become entangled in the attempted assassination of Hitler on the 20th of July, 1944, and executed for his involvement? In her book, Wibke Bruhns analyzes her father’s life using private anecdotes and historical facts in an attempt to understand a man she barely knew. The result is an absorbing, brilliant historical work. Discussion with author Wibke Bruhns moderated by Julianne Smith, Foreign Policy Program Officer, Center for Strategic and International Studies. RSVP to 202-289-1200 ext. 171  
  • Thursday, May 12, 6:45 pm LECTURE German Graphic Artists and German Culture: From Holbein to Heckel Lecture by Professor Marion Deshmukh, Dept. of History and Art History, George Mason University The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, has a fine selection of Central European prints and drawings. Recent acquisitions have strengthened its already solid collection. This illustrated talk will highlight Germany’s contribution to the graphic arts. Organized by the American Goethe Society RSVP to  
  • May 12, 2005 at 7:30 pm Concert Wolfgang Panhofer,  cello
     Egon Wellesz: Sonata op. 31 Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite No. 2 D minor, BWV 1008 Thomas Daniel Schlee: 3 Signs op. 53 Alfred Peschek: Cellare Wolfram Wagner: Sonata for Violoncello Solo  Embassy of Austria 3524 International Ct., NW Washington, DC 20008 Admission free. RSVP required: (202) 895-6776 or    
  • Sunday, May 15, 4 pm CONCERT Beethoven: Missa Solemnis Cathedral Choral Society Washington National Cathedral Presented under the patronage of Wolfgang Ischinger, German Ambassador, and Mrs. Ischinger 
  • Sunday, May 15, 11 am – 5 pm SPECIAL EVENT Maifest 2005 Enjoy a spirited celebration of the awakening of spring. Featuring performers, festive music, dancing and singing around the Maibaum, and German food and drink. Families welcome. $10 includes castle tour and festival. Children under 12 free. Enter on Sunderland Place. Information 202-429-1894 The Brewmaster’s Castle and Castle Park 1307 New Hampshire Ave.  
  • Sunday, May 15, 11:15 am SPECIAL EVENT Bilingual Pentecost Service Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, MD   
  • May 19-22, 2005 Conference: "Animals in History: Studying the Not So Human Past.". Conference in cooperation with the Angloamerican Institute, University of Cologne. Literaturhaus Köln. To take place in Cologne, Germany, . Conveners: Dorothee Brantz (GHI) and Christof Mauch (German Historical Institute).
  • Thursday, May 19, 6 – 8 pm LECTURE The Iconography of Victory: Reporting the American Occupation of Cologne German Historical Institute
    Krisztina David, soprano (Hungary)  Marko Kathol, tenor (Austria)  George Peachey, piano (USA)
    An intimate evening of opera in the Hungarian experience, including beloved arias of Lehár, Kálman and others with fine Hungarian soprano Krisztina David and Austrian tenor Marko Kathol. The excellent pianist George Peachey will be at the piano. Limited seating. Embassy of Hungary Full Program Here
  • Embassy of Austria FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2005 8 PM and SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2005 PM
    OPERETTA EVENINGS Krisztina David, soprano (Hungary)Marko Kathol, tenor (Austria)George Peachey, piano (USA) Full Program Here Our annual operetta evenings will again feature wonderful singers from Vienna and Budapest with the added attraction of string accompaniment and all sorts of wonderful surprises. The excellent pianist George Peachey will be at the piano. 
  • Meeting of Steuben Unit 85 and German World Alliance/ Deutsche. Sunday, May 22 at 2PM. WHERE: Concord Club, Top floor of old. Europe' Restaurant, 2434 Wisconsin Ave NW. TOPIC: Talk by Dr. Otto Pohl. "In our hearts we felt the sentence of death" the Soviet  Deportation and Persecution of the Russian Germans." COST: Free Entry , ,Coffee and Cake will be served. Info: Contact Unit 85 Chairman K. Schemm 703-5341337
  • Monday, May 23, 7:30 pm MUSIC Baek-Newman-Dinnerstein Piano Trio Beethoven Society of America Beethoven: Piano Trio No. 7 in B-flat major, Op. 97, "Archduke" Brahms: Piano Trio No. 1 in B Major, Op. 8 at the German Embassy
  • The Baltimore EDELWEISS CLUB will have their festive ANNUAL PICNIC in scenic Patapsco State Park (off Rt 40) on Thursday, May. 26, 1-5 pm with GERMAN/AM gourmet food, ice cream/ strawberries, kuchen and beverages. Live sing along music by Alfred Zellerand Gene Steinebrunner for old -and new friends, provide genuine GEMUTLICHKEIT !1 Cost: $15 pp/member, $17 pp/non member. Reservations/info call Rita Kirsch 410-747-9616
  • Friday, May 27, 7:30 pm MUSIC 10th Evelyn Lear & Thomas Stewart Emerging Singers Concert Wagner Society of Washington German Embassy
  • Tatort /  Scene of the Crime [German detective series with English subtitles] Samstag 28. Mai 9:00 PM on MHz (WNVC) Virginia PBS Channel 56
  • May 30 and 31 SOUNDS Kraftwerk in Concert Seminal German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk are touring the states in support of their new double live album, "Minimum-Maximum", out on June 7th. Kraftwerk will play two rare, intimate performances here in Washington. Tickets available through or by calling 703-218-6500. 9:30 Club 815 V St NW
  • June 6, 2005 at 7:30 pm Concert & Lecture Famous Masters and Their Female Pupils Sigrid Trummer, piano Elena Ostleitner, lecture Stephanie Gräfin von Wurmbrand:    “Lied ohne Worte”, “Elfenreigen” Johannes Brahms: No. 2 Intermezzo and No. 6 Intermezzo from: Piano Pieces op. 118 Arnold Schoenberg: Six Little Piano Pieces op.19 Maria Hofer: Toccata – “Die Maschine” Alexander Zemlinsky: 2 Fantasies from: Fantasies after Poems by Richard Dehmel op. 9 Johanna Müller-Hermann: No. 4 Intermezzo and No. 5 Impromptu from: Piano Pieces op. 3 Agnes Tyrrell: Nocturne Franz Liszt: Variations on “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” (Theme by Johann Sebastian Bach) Embassy of Austria 3524 International Ct., NW Washington, DC 20008 Admission free. RSVP required: (202) 895-6776 or  In cooperation with the International Club of DC 
  • GERMAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE Tuesday, June 7, 5:30 pm WALKING TOUR Trace the Steps of German Immigrants Do you want to learn how to trace your ancestors? This walking tour, given in collaboration with the National Archives, will provide information found in the Archives about several German immigrants who lived in or whose work can be seen in our neighborhood. Departing from the Goethe-Institut for a walk through the neighborhood, the tour will arrive at the Archives at about 7 pm. You will then be given a chance to begin doing research on one of your own ancestors. The Archives closes at 9 pm. Led by Alice Stewart, local historian. Tour is limited to 15 people; photo ID required for entrance to the Archives. RSVP requested to 202-289-1200, ext. 510. $5.00   
  • Thursday, June 16, 6:30 – 8 pm Walking Tour Third Thursday is on a summer hiatus, so join us for a stroll through the Seventh Street Arts District. After viewing New York Moves at the Goethe-Institut, the guided tour will visit the exhibition New Jewish Life in Berlin at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, and one or two additional art galleries in the neighborhood. Goethe Institut 812 7th Street NW
  • ALL-DAY SEMINAR Franz Schubert: A Life Devoted to Art With Live Performances Sat., June 18, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Smithsonian Series-Schubert
  • Sunday, June 19 - Our annual Sonnwendfeier featuring the Alt Washingtonia Schuhplattler  Verein Dancers and music by Mike Surratt and the Continentals. Come out and help us  celebrate the longest day of the year and the German pageantry that surrounds it. We will  have a bonfire after 8:00 PM. By German custom, it is considered to be good luck if you can  jump over the embers.  Blob's Park,
  • Tuesday, June 21, 6:30 pm MOVIE: SPECIAL SCREENING The Champions Directors: Christoph Hübner and Gabriele Voss (2003) In celebration of the Confederation Cup, the preliminary international soccer competition June 15-29, and in preparation for the World Cup 2006 in Germany, the Goethe-Institut presents this documentary depicting four young hopefuls trying to forge soccer careers at Borussia Dortmund. Followed by a discussion with Heiko Hesse, one of the soccer players in the film. ith Germany hosting the Confederation Cup, the preliminary international soccer competition, June 15-29, and the 2006 World Cup, the Goethe-Institut Washington will be presenting a variety of events leading up to the World Cup. We begin with this documentary film about several Borussia Dortmund Youth League players. “Hübner got much closer to professional soccer than any journalist can.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Followed by a discussion with Heiko Hesse, one of the featured players. The new soccer players for Borussia Dortmund - German champion numerous times, including five times in a row with the A-Jugend - come from all over: Ghana, Chile, Spain, and Ukraine, from all corners of Germany, and from Dortmund and the surrounding area. Discovered by talent scouts during their prime years, they dream of professional careers. Directors Christoph Hübner and Gabriele Voss followed several of these players over the years as they attempted to realize their dreams. Who will persevere, and who will give up? For those left behind, what comes next? General Admission: $ 6 · Members, seniors and students: $ 4 Tickets can be purchased right before the screening, or during office hours M-Th 10am-5pm; Friday 10am-3pm, or online at  (service charges apply) 812 Seventh Street NW Washington · 202-289-1200 · Metro: Gallery Place/ Chinatown · 
  • Saturday, June 25, 10 am – 4:30 pm SEMINAR The Enchanting Castles of Germany This beautifully illustrated lecture, taught by German scholar Eckehard Simon, examines how and why German castles were built; their architecture and working parts; daily life in the castles; and the wonderful myths and legends that endured for centuries. The Smithsonian Associates Code: IJ0-902 Resident Members $110; General Admission $156 Details and tickets: 202-357-3030 or fax 202-786-2034 German Embassy 
  • Wednesday, June 29, 5:30 pm LECTURE Looking East, Thinking West: Reflections on an Enlarged Europe and the United States in the Twenty-First Century  Willard Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom [1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.]  a lecture by Timothy Garton AshProgram 5:30 p.m. Dessert Reception; 6:00 p.m. - Welcome and Introduction6:15 p.m. - Lecture Please RSVP by June 20, 2005 Phone: (202) 387-3355
    Fax: (202) 387-6437 E-mail:  
  • Wednesday, June 29, 12 pm DISCUSSION The Cruise of the Sea Eagle: The Amazing True Story of Imperial Germany’s Gentleman Pirate With author Blaine Pardoe RSVP to  National Archives, Constitution Ave. Between 7th and 9th Streets Enter through the “Special Events” Entrance Metro: Archives/Navy Memorial 
  • Exhibition Erich Lessing: From Liberation to Liberty Katharina Wegan: Pictures in Memory - The Austrian State Treaty Photographer Erich Lessing was born in Vienna in 1923. In 1939, he was forced to emigrate to what was then the British Mandate Palestine. On his return to Vienna in 1947, he started to work as a photo-reporter for the American news agency, Associated Press. Since 1951, Erich Lessing has been a member of Magnum Photos. His photos of post-war Austria, of the signing ceremony of the Austrian State Treaty and his reportage of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, have become icons of Austria’s and Europe’s collective memory. The exhibit will run through June 10, 2005.
  • Saturday, June 11 - Hank Haller will be back with some of the best Bavarian style polkas you  will hear anywhere. Of course, he can also play your favorite American variety music as  well. Please let the band know what you want to hear. Blob's Park,
  • Monday, July 11, 12:30 / 6:30 pm MANN FILM SERIES The Magic Mountain Director: Hans W. Geissendörfer Though surrounded by the beauty of the Swiss Alps, Hans Castorp is an unwitting captive in a tuberculosis sanitarium. Originally admitted for a three-week respite, he is betrayed by an X-ray which finds a small, dark patch on his lung, and begins a seven-year recuperation. As he listens to the stories and advice of other inmates and considers his own course of evolution, he realizes that here, in the midst of the dying, he has found life. 35mm. In German only. $6/$4 
  • ALL-DAY SEMINAR The Musical Genius of George Frederic Handel Sat., July 16, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Smithsonian Seminar-Händel 
  • Monday, July 18, 4:00 / 6:30 pm Mann Film Series Death in Venice Director: Luchino Visconti Luchino Visconti's sumptuous adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novel Der Tod in Venedig tells the story of Aschenbach, a controlled intellectual who unexpectedly finds himself obsessed by the vision of a 14-year-old boy while on a convalescent vacation in 1911. Visconti has turned Aschenbach from a writer into a composer, and makes use of excerpts from Mahler on the soundtrack. Death in Venice created a lushness rare in movies. The film won the Grand Prix at the 25th Cannes Festival. 35 mm. Italian with English subtitles. $6/$4 
    The German Historical Institute, the Goethe-Institut Washington, and ARD-German TV invite you to a screening of STAUFFENBERG (Directed by Joe Baier, Germany, 2004, DVD, color, in German with English subtitles) Wednesday, July 20th, 2005 6:30 – 9:30 pm The film screening will be followed by a discussion with Dr. Peter Hoffmann, a leading authority on the resistance movement. RSVP to 202-289-1200 ext. 167 Location: Goethe-Institut · 812 Seventh Street NW · Washington, DC · 202-289-1200  · Metro: Gallery Place/Chinatown
     In the film Stauffenberg, one of the leading figures in the attempted assassination of Hitler on the 20th of July 1944 is portrayed during the war and the events leading up to the “uprising of consciousness”. German Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg is in the midst of an exemplary military career when his eyes are opened to the atrocities and impossibilities of the war, and his disillusionment only increases as time goes on. He realizes that it is his duty to dispose of Hitler. Together with other officers, he lays out and executes a plan both brave and foolhardy. That same night, they are executed and Stauffenberg dies with the words: “Long live holy Germany!” The most recent film documenting the conspiracy against Hitler among his highest military leaders is allegedly the most accurate account of the events.

     Stauffenberg won the 2004 Grimme Online Award and was nominated for the Prix Europa 2004. Peter Hoffmann, William Kingsford Professor in the Department of History at McGill University in Montreal, is the world’s leading expert on the history of the resistance to Hitler. He is the author of many books including The History of the German Resistance (3rd English ed. 1996); German Resistance to Hitler (1988); Stauffenberg und der 20. Juli 1944 (1998); Hitler’s Personal Security (2nd ed. 2000); and Stauffenberg: A Family History, 1905-1944 (2nd ed. 2003).
  • Friday, July 22, 7:30 pm MUSIC Words of Albert Schweitzer and the Music of Bach Honoring Dr. Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Laureate Multimedia Musical Dramatization with actor Hugh O’Brian and NPR newscasters Jean Cochran and Carl Kasell Tennessee Players Free admission  Washington National Cathedral
  • GERMAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE Saturday, July 23, 10 am - noon Eastern Market celebrates Its Architect, Adolf Cluss The public is invited to share in a celebration of the life and work of Adolf Cluss, architect of Eastern Market in the entryway to the historic building. A practical visionary, Cluss (1825-1905) played an instrumental role in giving a new, modern form to the capital city following the Civil War. With Eastern Market as the backdrop, the City acknowledges his contributions and welcomes the opening of the exhibition “Adolf Cluss, From Germany to America: Shaping a Capital City Worthy of a Republic” (opening at the Charles Sumner School Museum September 15, 2005). 
  • Monday, August 15, 6:30 pm Mann Film Series The Buddenbrooks (Die Buddenbrooks) in German only Director: Alfred Weidenmann, 35mm, 206 min. In this story of a distinguished business family, related from 1835 to 1877, Thomas takes over the renowned trading houses Buddenbrook following his father’s death. Business difficulties and social troubles lead to the diminishing of the family’s position. The film preserves the world of the upper class of the 19th century while relating a lively family history replete with love and marriage, separation and death, sibling rivalries and gleaming festivals. $6/$4
  • August 22 at 6.00 pm The VOEST-ALPINE Concert Band: This classic symphonic wind orchestra consists of 55 active musicians, mostly employed at VOEST-ALPINE STAHL AG and VOEST-ALPINE TECHNOLOGY AG Linz, and is celebrating its 55 year anniversary in 2005. The innovative group strives constantly towards new and interesting achievements, but besides their commitment to modern worldwide wind orchestra trends, they are simultaneously retaining their undeniably genuine traditional Austrian heritage. The orchestra commits itself to the miner's tradition, presenting themselves in performances with a uniform of the traditional miners' coats, the "calpak" and plume, all together forming the original costume of the miners' guild - a touch from years and years of tradition. When: Monday, August 22, 2005 at 6.00 pm, Free Concert! Where: Millenium Stage, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 2700 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20566 Information: 800-444-1324 or 202-467-4600 
  • Monday, August 22, 6:30 pm Mann Film Series The Kaiser’s Lackey (Der Untertan) Director: Wolfgang Staudte, 16mm, 105 min. Diederich Hessling is scared of everything and everyone, and develops a life motto: bow to those at the top and tread on those below. On his honeymoon with his rich wife Guste, he finally finds a chance to do his beloved Kaiser a favor. A historical satire of biting sharpness and grand comedy, Staudte's wonderfully successful adaptation of Heinrich Mann's world-famous novel has become a film classic. $6/$4


    • Exhibition June 15, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. Emil Mayer: An Intimate Master of Photography Emil Mayer, born 1871, was a Viennese lawyer and photographer whose photographs of everyday life and street scenes of Vienna around 1910 are milestones in the history of photography. Delicacy, subtlety and poetry characterize his pictorial language. In recent years the great mastery and significance of Emil Mayer has been rediscovered, giving him his due place among the greatest photographers of the last century. Edward Rosser, the curator of this exhibition, is a photo historian, photo collector and author of the acclaimed book of photographs by Emil Mayer, entitled “Viennese Types” (“Wiener Typen”). The exhibit includes photos that have never been shown before and will be accompanied by essays by a number of critics, artists, writers and poets.  Embassy of Austria 3524 International Ct., NW Washington, DC 20008 Admission free. (202) 895-6776 or  . The exhibit is ongoing through September 4, 2005.

    • July 11- August 29, 2005 Great Novels, Great Films: Five Adaptations of Works by Thomas, Heinrich and Klaus Mann In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Thomas Mann, we present a series of film adaptations of novels by the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann and Thomas’s son, Klaus Mann. The Manns, one of the most accomplished literary families in Germany, achieved worldwide fame for their novels. This series presents film adaptations by outstanding directors of five extraordinary works. 

      Monday, August 29, 4:30/6:30 pm Mann Film Series Mephisto Director: István Szabó, 35mm, 144 min. Young Hamburg actor Hendrik Hofgren (Klaus Maria Brandauer) can only yearn for success. As the Nazis rise to power in Berlin, Hendrik marries the daughter of the man in charge of the State Theater. The young actor achieves the dream of a lifetime when he receives the role of Mephistopheles in Goethe's Faust.Winning the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1982, Szabó's most widely acclaimed film features a compelling performance from Brandauer as an actor whose refusal to face reality turns life into a charade. Adapted from the novel by Klaus Mann, this is a disturbing look at the ego faced with the seductive nature of evil. $6/$4 

    • Lecture Agnes Streissler: “EUrope and the US: Two Distinct Models of Social Policy” It is often said that the European welfare state converges towards the US model. But does such a European welfare model actually exist or is it not rather many different European models? And is there a process of convergence or maybe even of divergence? Agnes Streissler, Head of the Economic Policy Department in the Chamber of Labour in Vienna, Austria, has come, in an extensive study, to the conclusion that European welfare states have something in common despite all their differences which is distinct from the US model, viz statism and social protection as a civil right. September 8, 2005 at 7:30 pm at the Embassy of Austria Admission free. RSVP required: 202-895-6776 or In cooperation with Johns Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Relations Wine and cheese reception to follow.
    • Thursday, September 8, 6 – 8 pm EXHIBIT OPENING Oskar Fischinger: Motion Paintings Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967), the German-born pioneer of abstract animation, was a formidable influence in Germany and continues to assert considerable interest today. A series of 52 works, drawings and paintings will be displayed. Opening with Jack Rutberg, agent for the Oskar Fischinger Estate. RSVP to 202-289-1200 ext. 165. Until October 26 
    • Theatre “The Trial” by Franz Kafka Adapted by Steven Berkoff, directed by Robert McNamara September 9 – October 16, 2005 ú Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8:00 pm Saturday, Sunday 3:00 pm ú at the Scena Theatre/Warehouse Theatre 1021 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC Tickets: $20-$25. For reservations and tickets call: 703-684-7990
    • Thurday, September 15, 6:30 – 8 pm exhibiT OPENING Adolf Cluss, From Germany to America: Shaping a Capital City Worthy of a Republic Adolf Cluss (1825-1905) was the architect of many of Washington’s most beloved 19th-century buildings. Only seven of them remain here in downtown DC—of about seventy built by him between 1862 and 1890— and include the Smithsonian’s Arts & Industries Building, Eastern Market, the 9th Street Masonic Temple, the Sumner and Franklin Schools, and Calvary Baptist Church. Designed to raise awareness of the life and work of Adolf Cluss, one of the most influential architects in post-Civil War Washington, this exhibit at the Sumner School Museum portrays Cluss’s revolutionary roots and his vision of a capital city both uplifting and functional through images, texts, artifacts, and interactive multimedia displays. RSVP requested to 202-289-1200 ext. 177 or  Until February 28, 2006 Additional public programs are planned in Washington and Germany, and include: Friday, September 9, 1pm: Join us at the Goethe-Institut for a live connection to the opening of the exhibition in Heilbronn, Germany. Thursday, September 20, 6pm: Presentation of Cluss CD and book at the City Museum Tuesday, September 27, 6pm: Lecture “Adolf Cluss and Architectural Theory” at the Sumner School Museum The August issue of the Adolf Cluss Exhibition Project newsletter is now online at .  Charles Sumner School Museum 17th and M Streets NW

    • Concert Kemal Gekic, piano  Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata (Moonlight) op. 27 no 2 in C sharp minor Frédéric Chopin: 13 Etudes from op. 10 and 25 Franz Schubert (Franz Liszt): 3 Songs Franz Liszt: 2 Legendes, 2 Rhapsodies Hongroises September 15, 2005 at 7:30 pm at the Embassy of Austria Admission free. RSVP required: 202-895-6776 or  In cooperation with the Embassy of Croatia and the Croatian House

    • Monday, September 19, 6:30 pm Film and Lecture 6:30 pm: “An Evening of Oskar Fischinger Films” 7:30 pm: Lecture by Curator Peter Frank Oskar Fischinger's earliest drawings and paintings were first created as sequential components in his films to evoke various states of consciousness, often using music as a springboard to syncopate lines, forms and color. Fischinger's influence on the development of avant-garde abstract films is profound, with the genius of his vision acknowledged by 20th-century luminaries such as Orson Welles, Wassily Kandinsky, Moholy Nagy, Lyonel Feininger, Leopold Stokowski and John Cage. RSVP to 202-289-1200 ext. 175 No charge. 

    • EXHIBITIONS Until September 2 New York Moves Paintings by Laurentz Thurn Gallery hours: Monday to Thursday 9 to 5; Fridays 9 to 3. Read the Washington Post’s review by art critic Jessica Dawson: . 
    • Lecture Austrians in Exile Gloria Kaiser: "Freud´s Influence on Literature: The Example of Stefan Zweig" Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna in 1881, was one of the most widely read authors writing in German during the 1920s and 1930s. He wrote poetry, critical essays, short stories and biographies. In 1908 he initiated a correspondence with Sigmund Freud on the basis of which Zweig compiled a biography of Freud that was published in 1931. Driven into exile by the Nazis, Stefan Zweig ended his life by suicide in Brazil in 1942. His writings reflect his deep interest in the teachings of Freud. September 20, 2005 at 7:30 pm at the Embassy of Austria Admission free. RSVP required: 202-895-6776 or Wine and cheese reception to follow.

    • Concert Austrians in Exile Josef Mayr, piano Ingrid Wagner-Kraft, cello Pre-Concert Talk by Composer Wolfram Wagner
      Erwin Schulhoff: Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1914) Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, op. 102/1 Wolfram Wagner: Variation Suite for Violoncello Solo (2003) Ruth Schonthal: Contemplating Ocean Waves for Piano (2004, dedicated to Josef Mayr) Eric Zeisl: Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1951) Wolfram Wagner: Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1999, dedicated to Ingrid Wagner-Kraft) September 22, 2005 at 6:30 pm Pre-Concert Talk ú 7.30 pm Concert at the Embassy of Austria Admission free. RSVP required: 202-895-6776 or 
    • September 26 – November 21 FILM Metropolis: Eight Film Portraits of Great Cities Loved or feared, the metropolis has always fascinated its inhabitants and inspired artists and writers. Walter Ruttmann's 1927 classic portrait of Berlin became the model after which many "city-films" were created. In this series, we show the original and several Ruttmann-inspired films, as well as other works that portray some of the world's great cities. Join us on a poetic, occasionally nostalgic, and always fascinating tour through old and new urban centers of the world over the past 125 years. 

    • Monday, September 26, 6:30 pm FILM Rain (Regen) Director: Joris Ivens, 16 mm This early Dutch short film is like a poem. It offers a few brief impressions of a rainy afternoon in Amsterdam without forming a sequence or story, and conveys a sense of melancholy and quietness. Berlin, Symphony of a Great City (Berlin – Sinfonie der Großstadt) Director: Walter Ruttmann, 35 mm A train arrives in Berlin… The atmosphere of the city is depicted in stages that encompass morning until midnight. Both films $6 

    • Movie Calling Hedy Lamarr A film by Georg Misch, Austria/Germany/Great Britain 2004 (in English with German Subtitles, 72 min.) A film about the world’s most beautiful woman, a Hollywood goddess and her forgotten breakthrough invention that revolutionized mobile phones. A film about a mother, an emancipated woman and a failed life. The Hedy Lamarr Story tells her tale as a fusion of modern myths, constructed legends and true stories. September 27, 2005 at 8:00 pm at the Embassy of Austria Admission free. RSVP required: 202-895-6776 or


German Language Church Services in Washington

United Church (Concordia Kirche) 1920 G Street, NW, Washington, DC. (202) 331-1495 . (Location for Washington Saengerbund's annual Christmas concert.) German service at 9:30 on first and third Sundays in the month. Our Lady of Bethesda (Deutsche Katholische Mission), 7007 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20817. Sonntagsgottesdienste 10.00 Uhr Deutsche Evangelische Kirchengemeinde sonntags 9.30 Uhr
Pilgrim Lutheran Church 5500 Massachussetts Avenue Bethesda, MD 20816
German Language Television in the DC Area Mondays thru Fridays 3 - 4PM WNVC over the air Channel 56; Virginia PBS in German news [at times with English subtitles]

Mondays thru Fridays 7:30 PM WNVC over the air Channel 56; Virginia PBS News from Germany but in English

Sundays 9pm erratically: German television detective shows on International Mystery WNVC over the air Channel 56 with repeats on Channelm 53; Virginia PBS


Swiss / Austrian / German Restaurants in the DC area

Cafe Tirolo
4001 N. Fairfax Dr
Arlington, VA 22203
Zum Rheingarten
Rte 1
Stafford, VA 22554-4825
Old Europe
2434 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC
Cafe Berlin
322 Massachusetts Ave., NE
Washington, DC
7236 Muncaster Mill Rd.
Rockville MD
Heidelberg Pastry Bakery   2150 N. Culpeper Street, Arlington, VA 22207  Phone: 703/527-8394 Fax: 703/528-5061

German Gourmet Delicatessen 7185 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia 22036 (703) 534-1908 

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Links of Interest to German Language Learners

   Washington German Historical Institute Events

Calendar of Events


German Language Movies Scheduled for Washington
Scholarships for Study and Research in Austria and specifically for Scholars from the United States Scholarships for Study and Research in Germany Atlantic Fellowship airline tickets Air tickets to Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be obtained through the old-line and reliable Atlantic Fellowship, located in Washington,  which also handles rail passes, car rentals and travel insurance.
Scholarships and internships in Germany are available through the  DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Österreichischer Austauschdienst includes scholarship information as well as a link to a brochure on studying in Austria.


German Language Study Programs in Austria mostly but not only in the summer months. Often special courses for musicians and singers.
German-American Organizations in Baltimore is the clearing house for German-American clubs, festivals, organizations in Baltimore and all the rest of Maryland. S.u.G.T.V. "Washingtonia" - a "Schuhplattler" dance club based in D.C. is continuously seeking opportunities to share its Bavarian heritage with others. In addition to performing traditional Schuhplattler dances, "Washingtonia" entertains with such folk art as alpine bell ringing, alpine horn and popular German beer drinking songs. Studying at an Austrian University although the site is not aimed specifically at US students, it contains helpful general information and contacts to the individual universities in Austria.
The Swiss Club of Washington D.C. aspires to foster a sense of community among Swiss people and friends of Switzerland in the Washington metropolitan area including Northern Virginia and Maryland. The Wagner Society of Washington DC has among its goals to organize, plan, and promote Wagner-related events, such as lectures, workships, symposia, a newsletter, a web page, and live operatic performances; to relate the Society's efforts to area opera activities as appropriate; to encourage and facilitate group attendance at live performances of Wagner's works in the Washington - Baltimore area, as well as other cities in the US and abroad.  Deutscher Klub of Northern Virginia Community College ... the Deutscher Klub website for Northern Virginia Community College. with the latest information on Klub happenings, as well as other German-related events in the Washington, DC area.
Austrian Cultural Events in the Washington area Austrian Cultural Forum The re-vamped and very trendy Austrian cultural information center. Be patient with the pop-up introductory page which guides you to many interesting exhibits and events.  American-Austrian Society  Each year the Society sponsors or supports several cultural events that take place at the Embassy of Austria and at other locations in the Washington metropolitan area. Most of these events are open to the general public. The Society's stimulating cultural and educational programs are centered around the artistic, humanistic, and scientific achievements of Austrians and Americans with ties to Austria
Verein Deutscher Trachten von Baltimore Tanzkreis for the "preservation and presentation to the public of the many coloful Trachten (Regional Costumes) of the Germanic Lands, as well as the dances, songs, history and traditions of the various regions of Germany".   Arion Gesangverein To promote the cultivation of German music, song and culture in the United States through concerts, song festivals and Liederabende.
German Society of Maryland , founded in the 18th Century, continues today providing grants for use by institutions teaching German; sponsoring an essay contest on German-American issues for junior high school students; promoting German heritage; publication of leaflets dealing with Marylanders of German ancestry who have contributed to our state and nation; social activities such as the Society's summer picnic and annual Kirchgang, sponsoring Thanksgiving Eve ecumenical services and the Defender's Day celebration at Fort McHenry and bus trips to various points of interest for German Americans. promoting German heritage; publication of leaflets dealing with Marylanders of German ancestry who have contributed to our state and nation; social activities such as the Society's summer picnic and annual Kirchgang, sponsoring Thanksgiving Eve ecumenical services and the Defender's Day celebration at Fort McHenry and bus trips to various points of interest for German Americans. Blob's Park, near Ft. Meade on Route 175 just off the Baltimore Washington Parkway [Click for directions],  has many Special Celebrations during the year. May Day is celebrated every Mother's Day in May, and the Sonnenwendfeier (the longest day of the year) is celebrated on Father's Day in June. The first Octoberfest in the United States was held at Blob's Park in 1947 and continues to be celebrated the first weekend of every October! Other special days are Bavarian Day in September, a children's Christmas Party when Santa Claus and St. Nicholas visit and present every child with a gift, and a gala New Year's Eve Party. Student in Wien Practical tips, sources of information both academic and administrative and social  for people presently studying in Vienna: addresses, lists of lectures, student news, bars, etc.
Exhibit closed while being moved from Arlington to DC Berlin Wall at Freedom Park  Original pieces of the Berlin Wall, measuring a total of 32 feet in length and 12 feet in height, have been permanently re-erected in front of an original 32-foot-high guard tower as the centerpiece of a new exhibit on Berlin and the era of the Iron Curtain. The tower (which originally stood near "Checkpoint Charlie," the crossing point made famous in countless real and fictional Iron Curtain espionage incidents) and the wall section will be augmented by several photomurals and text panels that document the 1961 construction of the wall, its impact on Germany and history since the wall fell.

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