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The links lead either directly to Real Audio links and will either begin playing in 5 - 10 seconds after Real Player is loaded or else will link to the station's home page where the connecting link to Real Audio is located. (If there is net congestion during a broadcast, the sound will drop out and the notice "Buffering" will appear. The broadcast will then continue.)
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  • Austrian Radio International [Entry to web page] Real time radio broadcasts from Austria; news, weather, culture, commentary in German "Live Stream Audio" as well as "On-Demand" which provides more clearly enunciated German. The on-demand links offer several categories: 
  • The first two categories usually run 3 - 4 minutes, while the others last anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. The German-language broadcasts are oriented to the spoken word, with much history, excerpts from literature, discussion, etc. French and English (on demand broadcasts as well as Wiener Musik are also offered.
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Info Radio Real time radio broadcasts 24 hours a day at 104.4 FM; mostly news and information, including interviews, traffic, weather. A joint service of the [former West]Sender Freies Berlin and of Ostdeutscher Rundunk Brandenburg (ORB) located in the fomer Soviet sector. Usually a 1-2 second pause before the broadcast begins.
  • ORF-Österreich 3  Was auf der Welt passiert, kannst Du jetzt nicht mehr versäumen. ...Und wer einmal die Nachrichten versäumt hat, kann sie hier nachhören. On demand German language domestic and foreign news, as an on demand service more reliable and clearer than the live broadcasts. Since the short [5-6 minute] broadcast begins when you click, you have immediate access to news on your own schedule. After the page opens, click on the appropriate start arrow button to choose between RealAudio and Windows Media to hear a repeat of the live news broadcast at the last full hour. Broadcasts run about six minutes.
  • Bayern 3 Radio Real time radio broadcasts from Bavaria; US FM middle of the road station style, pop/rock music along with news, weather, commentary, traffic. [Choice between "Ja" I already have a player installed, use RealAudio or Windows Media and "Nein" I don't have a player; download one.]
  • Bayern 5 Radio - Nachrichtenradio Real time radio news broadcasts from Bavaria.
  • Deutsche Welle On demand radio broadcasts from Germany's official service by clicking on the "RA" symbol in the program listing: news, sports, music, literature. The very exact pronunciation and enunciation of DW's announcers is combined with the better technical quality of  on-demand, rather than live stream, broadcasting.
  • Probably the clearest German on internet radio is Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten from Deutsche Welle: the radio news of the last 5 days is available on an on-demand basis in 8 - 10 minute clips. Even more helpful for those learning German, clicking the link with the icon brings up a printed version of the news to which you are listening.
  • Westdeutscher Rundfunk from Cologne presents 5 minute long on-demand news headlines in a clearer German than is often the case with live broadcasts. Click the speaker symbol Image Loading... after reaching the site.
  • Klassik Radio Live from Hamburg broadcasts classical music with short German introductions and commentaries between the selections as well as very short news updates. Upon opening the site, you're offered a choice of three connections to match your modem: ISDN, ADSL or standard modem.
  • From Hamburg Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR3 has not only classical music but discussions, book reviews, record reviews, concert reviews; the link takes you to the broadcaster's page at the bottom of which is "RADIO 3 live im Internet"; click that link and a small window opens with the broadcast. That small window also has a drop down menu to receive the broadcasts of NDR1, NDR2, NJoy [= Ameripop], etc. NDR4, "Das Informationsprogramm des NDR",  concentrates on news and commentary. There is also a special Hamburg broadcast which operates through this direct link. [NB Some of the broadcasts run through one pop-up, some through a second pop-up, some through RealAudio player.]
  • SWF3 , under the rubric "Tagesgespräche", presents on demand interviews, discussions, commentary on current German and international affairs; the topics change daily and are broadcast through RealAudio. Also On demand news broadcastsare available with a choice amonmg the last few days, among times of day, and between RealAudio and WinMedia.
  • Jazz Radio Berlin presents all types of jazz, mostly English lyrics, with German commentary in its high speed broadband link or its lower speed dialup link, both of which play in your MP3 player.
  • SFB4 [Sender Freies Berlin 4] from Berlin [click the button OnAir] broadcasts as "Multi-Kulti" with its shows ranging from the Polish MultiKulti po polsku [with its on-demand link] through Das Hottentott Show to the Gypsy Brass Band in Fanfare Ciocarlia.  
  • Whether by Haydn or Wolf, Austrian Classical Music plays just what it's name implies, with a tendency towards chamber music; after reaching the site, click on the symbols for the on-demand broadcasts.
  • Radio Stefansdom in Vienna plays classical musical and has also a substantial amount of spoken material [culteral and political as well as practical] in clearly spoken German. It broadcasts both on a high speed broadband link or its lower speed dialup modem link.
  • From Vienna Blue Danube Radio/FM4 broadcasts headline news in English with contemporary music; click on "Live Stream" at top of page .
  • Although Radio Fritz from Berlin [under the slogan "Das Leben ist zu kurz für langweilige Musik / Life's too short for dull music"] plays much English language pop Pet-Shop-Boys-Nsync-AC-DC music, it does have substantial amounts of spoken German. 
  • Radio FRO Linz from Ober-Österreich
  • "Buntgemischt" is the German adjective for Orange 94 from Vienna; not just hard rock but reggae and alternative rock and salsa; sports, lesbian, standup comedian, cabaret programs. The MP3 files are playable in a wide variety of players besides RealAudio.
  • Radio C, "Die christliche 24h Webradiostation" presents some German-language but mostly English-language gospel music.
  • Heimatmusik - and old US pop -  is available from the Swiss Radio BEO in the Berner Oberland via RealAudio; commentary and announcements  mostly in Schweizerdeutsch, not standard German.
  • From the German-speaking Principality of Liechtenstein Radio Liechtenstein broadcasts [in MP3 format via Winamp or Freeamp] pop music with a small amount of spoken [dialect-colored] German.
  • 103.3 FM Radio Ara "CityRadio" broadcasts from Luxemburg in Lëtzebuergesch / Luxemburgisch [dialect German] in a variety of genres, while  Den Neie Radio (DNR) - Letzebuerg / Luxemburg / Luxembourg has mostly oldies music with Letzebuergesch commentary; Honnert 7 and Radio Letzebuerg play more contemporary rock and use French, English and Lëtzebuergesch / Luxemburgisch. [When the Windows Media player appears with these last 3, double click the logo to begin play.]
  • Vatican Radio's German language broadcasts


A group of German language stations imitating US AM-radio rock formats; most of the song lyrics are in English.

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