[As usual, notes to myself to remember shows I've seen but I'm mailing you this letter since maybe it's of interest to you] 

Fifty Million Frenchmen It was a concert version [costumes but no scenery, actors holding script books and not dancing] of Cole Porter's "50 Million Frenchmen" at the 14th Street Y. There was cast of 18 [all Equity] actors, none of whose names I recognized. Instead of an orchestra there was just the piano which still actually sounded like an orchestra. There were both songs that had been cut from the score before the original production opened in 1931 as well as the songs that had replaced them and some songs that had been interpolated after the opening, so there was a lot of music.

Probably the only songs that most people would be familiar with were "You Do Something to Me", "Let's Step Out", "Find Me a Primitive Man", and "The Tale of the Oyster". The performers were all good, although not all especially attractive.

One reason the show was being presented in a concert version is that the book was so so terrible that it probably couldn't succeed as a full-scale Broadway production without a different book. A corn-fed Indiana family goes to Paris where a rich American boy falls in love with the daughter but because of a bet with his best friend has to make believe he has no money and becomes a gigolo. The family is accompanied by the loose girlfriend of the daughter who wants to become depraved in Paris and run away from the boy back home who is chasing her. A nymphomaniac tries to outdo her in the search for sexual depravity. It has a happy ending.

The show ended around 10:30 and I decided it would be too much to do anything more so I went back to the hotel for the night.

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