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PATH Ads With Tunnel Vision 

NEW YORK - As if there wasn't enough advertising around us already, a company in New York City has developed a new concept to inundate us with ads in a place you would least expect it. Entertainment Contributor Laurie Hibberd has more in Tuesday's Hib Report on The Early Show. 

A company in New York called Submedia has developed a new concept in outdoor advertising: in-tunnel motion picture advertising.  It sounds complicated, but the basic idea is that of a commercial running along the walls of the subway tunnels, as your train is speeding by. This concept is currently in Atlanta's MARTA subway system, as well as Philadelphia's PATCO system, and it is coming to the PATH trains in the New York area in June. 

The idea is similar to a flip-book animation. If you draw a picture on each page and flip through it quickly, you will see a crude animated picture. This concept is similar to, and is based on, a zoetrope. By installing stationary images side by side under a screen with slits in it, as  you speed by in the subway, it looks as though the image is moving. 

Right now, both the MARTA and PATCO systems are running a Dasani Water ad (which is owned by Coca-Cola). The ad really looks like a moving commercial; the water is sloshing and swirling around, and the words are spinning around as well.  This idea is still in its initial phases, but offers a myriad of uses. For example, in addition to more subway tunnel ads, Submedia is working on a pedestrian model for walkways. The idea can work exactly the same way, as long as the length is calibrated for the speed of a person walking, as opposed to a train speeding through a tunnel. 

The creators are hoping to have their concept installed in airports where you are on walking sidewalks, stadiums where are you are walking around, and pedestrian areas in general.

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