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Issue 336                   October 1, 2001

Rebuilding Downtown Will Factor in Region's Transit Plans 

Proposals to better connect lower Manhattan to the region's mass transit system are already being discussed by real estate interests and others concerned with how downtown should be rebuilt. World Financial Center owners told the NY Post last week they are interested in seeing the
downtown PATH terminal rebuilt underneath their property. They also talked of "depressing" the West Side Highway in order to extend the Winter Garden area to the east and develop pedestrian areas linking the World Financial Center, Battery Park City and new development on the World Trade Center site. 

It's possible that some versions of the MTA's look at downtown commuter rail access will be revived. The MTA's "Lower Manhattan Access Study's" purpose was to evaluate the potential for downtown commuter rail through service, upgraded subways or shuttle trains between commuter terminals (including Brooklyn's Flatbush LIRR station) and downtown. 

However, that work has been somewhat eclipsed by public and official interest in building a Second Avenue subway, largely because a Second Ave. line would relieve crowding on the Lexington line as well as provide an alternative route from the Grand Central area to lower Manhattan. It would help link downtown to the broader region even better if the project includes a new tunnel between lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, as envisioned in the Regional Plan Association's 1998 "Metrolink" plan (MTR #206). 

Additionally, some have mentioned an expanded downtown PATH service which would include one stop near the World Trade Center site, with the line continuing east to a terminal linked with the Fulton Street subway complex. 

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