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Hudson Tubes Memories
Visitors who wish to share their memories of the Tubes should e-mail them to me at , [also letting me know whether they wish their name and e-mail address shown with their comments].
[I got to your site from a link concerning the planned under river terror bombings disclosed today.] I used to ride the Tubes from Harrison to Hudson Terminal every Saturday back in the late 40’s and early 50’s with my grandfather, from Pavonia Ave (and later Hoboken) to Henderson St when going to high school, and then again as a young adult from Harrison to WTC from 1960 till 1995 when I moved to North Carolina.

I was amazed at the detail – getting the fare correct when the ride (west) went past Journal Square to Harrison and Newark. I used to like giving the conductor my ticket to punch – and was disappointed when it became a “unifare” with no tickets. I recalled the name Herman Stichman, I guess from the ticket.    Bill Savage

I was five years old and the year was 1947. My mother took me on a Saturday to the company she worked for on Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan. We lived in Elizabeth, N.J. From that city, we took the Pennsylvania Railroad to Newark, N.J. I still have a dim memory of very few people on the platform at Newark.

I frequently ride the "Tubes" today. When daylight floods the train as it enters the World Trade Center "pit", I can see the original Hudson Terminal tube. Many visitors probably think that the opening in the upper wall is some kind of sewer pipe! It is of course the old tube entrance and I rode through it!

In 1993, I was a teacher in a high school in Newark, N.J. The brother of one of my students was arrested and convicted for the first World Trade Center attack.

A year or two before September 11, 2001, I was returning home from visiting a friend on of all places, Maiden Lane in Manhattan. I walked through the World Trade Center to take a Waterway Ferry to Hoboken. It was on a Saturday. The lights appeared dim--there were very few people about in the evening. I admired the buildings!
William K. Hope

Thank You so very much for your efforts in bringing this to the web. I have sat here this afternoon totally mesmerized. I even shed a tear or two. This is so nostalgic to me.

I was born in Jersey City in 1946 and since I can remember I have travelled the "the Tubes". I can visualize like yesterday those old H&M cars and red Pennsylvania cars. I slightly remember the Pennsylvania Station and ferry at Exchange place. Vividly, I remember Hudson Terminal and the old Journal Square station and concourse.

Through the years I have visited every station and never really appreciated what I saw. Now that I am older this is all history. Hell, I can even smell the stench from those days. It was so musty and damp, the underground stations were so dimly lit by incandescent bulbs that you could hardly see and the cars themselves I remember well ! The cars as I recall had a unique sound like a whirring high pitched sound. The seats were like a tightly matted wicker or straw. They had ceiling fans overhead fully exposed. I often wondered if tall people were afraid to get their heads chopped off by them. The fans and lights would go on and off as the train car passed an area where it was not connected to the third rail. It was like a domino effect from car to car. There was no air conditioning and in the summer time the heat, humidity and stench were sometimes unbearable. Comfort was not a priority.

The original inscriptions at Pavonia were "E" for Erie Railroad. My grandfather worked for the Erie at the old roundhouse where he lost an arm in the 1920's. Prior to that when he first came here from Ireland he was a sandhogger during some phase of the H&M construction. He arrived in America in 1886.

Again, thank you so very much for all of your work on this subject. If I can help you with any memories or stories of H &M or PATH please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Dennis Colligan
Sacramento CA

I enjoyed your recounting of the Hudson Rapid Tubes very much. The only thing missing is the innovative Speedwalk at the Erie Station in Jersey City.
Thanks for preparing it! I strongly recommend a visit by all who like the Tubes.
Herman T. Stichman

NB Mr. Stichman was the Trustee of the Hudson & Manhattan RR in the last half dozen years of the Tubes' private operation and, among other things, oversaw the beginning of the modernization of the Tubes' fleet.


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