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Connect Downtown PATH to NYC's Lexington Avenue Subway

 PATH/Lex Is NJ-ARP's Rx

Proposed connection of PATH Tubes and Lexington Avenue IRTNJ-ARP tried once more December 10 to get its twin approach across to the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PA), urging both Access to the Region's Core (ARC) and PATH / Lex access. Both could (or, more accurately, should) bolster access to Manhattan's East Side, still the single No. 1 job market for New Jersey travelers (recent press hype on suburban job growth notwithstanding).

ARC has become problematic, since New Jersey elected officials have essentially settled for less, specifically a doubling of rail access under the Hudson River to Penn Station-New York. That's a desirable step, in NJ-ARP's view, but falls short of getting New Jersey travelers to Grand Central Terminal and vicinity, which would aid not just New Jersey but indeed New York and even Connecticut.

As for PATH/Lex, the PA finally is in active mode as it reacts -- and reacts negatively -- to linking PATH with New York City's No. 6 (Lexington Avenue local) subway line to 42nd and 59th streets. That negativism has stretched to, and even included, "tweaking" supposed physical obstacles to make PATH/Lex appear impossible to build -- all while stalling efforts by NJ-ARP, and even elected officials, to address the matter in meetings.

NJ-ARP hopes to post our latest (and updated) position paper on the matter in the near future, and will advise readers as that occurs.

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