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 Official PA Description of the Temporary Downtown Station


Inside The Station: Stairs & More Stairs In late November PATH expects to open the temporary World Trade Center Station. You will be able to enter the station at the intersection of Church Street and Fulton Street where you’ll find wide stairs and an ADA-compliant elevator to take you into the temporary station. At this level PATH patrons can connect to the New York City Transit E/A/C and R/W subway lines.

PATH will install a station Travel Board, with a map of both the PATH system and the station’s neighborhood to assist new visitors. From this Concourse Level you’ll take escalators or stairs down to another level and then down a short set of stairs to the Mezzanine Level. Enter the fare zone and then take a final set of stairs to the PATH platform level.

Please note that there will not be escalators to the platform levels, but there will be an elevator to bring you to the platform level, making the entire station ADA compliant.

The entire station will feature a graphic program that will include PATH History Panels, photos and drawings of the Lower Manhattan Continued on page 2 2 and Jersey City waterfront skylines and large-scale maps of Lower Manhattan.

From the platform level you will see brand new tracks and signals. Vinyl mesh, with a graphic treatment, will hang behind a steel grille fence at the “side walls” of the station to screen the station from the construction site, yet allow mild breezes during temperate weather, and to mitigate strong winds in the winter. However, it must be stressed that the temporary World Trade Center Station is an open-air station and commuters will feel the effects of the weather.

The current four lines of service will change. The new lines will be: • Newark to World Trade Center • Journal Square to 33rd Street • Hoboken to 33rd Street • Hoboken to World Trade Center. Overnight service will be: • Newark to World Trade Center • Journal Square-Hoboken-33rd Street. PATH service to the temporary station consists of the two original lines: World Trade Center to Hoboken and World Trade Center to Newark. New PATH System TimeTables/Map & Guides are available online at

While the details remain to be finalized, we anticipate operating every 4 to 6 minutes during the morning and evening rush hours; every 10 minutes during the midday and early evening periods; every 15 minutes during the late evenings and every 30 minutes during the overnights. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we anticipate operating every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the overnight periods.

Occasionally PATH is asked why we only offer half-hour service overnight. The answer is that this is the only time we have to perform necessary maintenance in the tunnels. Half-hour service allows PATH to operate service in a single tunnel so that maintenance can be performed in the other tunnel.

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