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Proposed Post September 11th Entrance/Egress Upgrade

As a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the subsequent loss of the World Trade Center PATH station, it was determined by safety and operations experts that it is necessary to create a second means of entrance/egress at the Christopher Street and 9th Street stations. 

The primary reasons are: 

1.Provide second means of entrance/egress to passengers and first response emergency personnel in the event of a critical/emergency situation. 
2.To address near term passenger flows that these stations are experiencing until the World Trade Center station is rebuilt. 

Current Conditions:
Stations in operation since 1908. 
Antiquated design inadequate to meet federal egress standards. 
Narrow center platform design limits safety egress to end of platform design only. 
Long and very narrow twisting corridors do not allow emergency response teams access while passengers exit. 
Very limited emergency evacuation capability. 
Strict restrictions on entrance/egress at Christopher Street.

Safety Benefits:
Provides needed short- and long-term entrance/egress improvements in emergency situations. 
Enhances passenger safety and security. 
Provides improved emergency evacuation capability. 
Meets more stringent Federal requirements. 
Street entrance does not impact historic structures. 

Scope of Work
Install staircases at opposite end of the platform to provide essential quick emergency exit. 
Install security measures with gates for restricted use. 
Safe/limited/short term construction period. 
Business hours work-time only. 
Sensitivity to historic neighborhood.

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