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PATH / Lex Meetings Set

NJ-ARP Hotline #449 Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Link to connection mapUndaunted by the brusque dismissal (nothing new there) by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PA), NJ-ARP has proceeded to refine its proposal linking PATH's downtown Manhattan route with the New York City Subway's No. 6 (Lexington Ave.) local line -- per the request late last year of Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.).

NJ-ARP, along with sister organization Empire State Passengers Association (ESPA), is lining up its next meeting with Rep. Nadler, likely to take place in early February. Meanwhile, NJ-ARP / ESPA representative George Haikalis also is set to meet shortly with real estate developer Lawrence Silverstein to discuss PATH / Lex's benefits to the 1776 Tower set to rise in lower Manhattan. And a third meeting, targeted for Thursday, Jan. 15, will include NJ-ARP and ESPA representatives and the New York City representative of New York State Gov. George Pataki.

The PA, predictably, continues to balk at PATH / Lex and, perhaps just as predictably, seems intent on manufacturing physical "reasons" why it can't be built. It's a good tactic, since it buys time for the PA even as it hardens its political position to oppose the project ("there's not enough time" or "Gee, we're too far advanced to change course now" being prime statements).

Nonetheless, NJ-ARP and ESPA, assisted by knowledgeable local experts, have answered the PA's "concerns" over the severity of track grades, PATH clearance through the spaghetti of downtown subway routes (more than adequate), and even encroachment on the "footprints" of the World Trade Center towers now destroyed (PATH / Lex can be routed to avoid these).

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