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Frequently Asked Questions  on Post Terrorist Service
  1. Why can't you add more trains to Newark-33rd Street line?
    On December 2nd new schedules went into effect that increase the frequency of service on this line weekdays between 8am-9am and 5pm-6pm the most heavily traveled time periods. Since September 11th traction power improvements have been ongoing to allow more frequent service along 6th Avenue.

  2. Why can't you operate more trains overnight?
    PATH service operates on a 30-minute schedule during overnight hours. This allows essential Track, Signal and Station Maintenance to be performed 12 Midnight to 5AM. The 30-minute schedule allows trains to operate in both directions using the same tunnel or track. Most of the maintenance on PATH occurs during these hours to minimize the impact on train service.

  3. Why do you operate under utilized (empty) trains to Hoboken?
    Service between Journal Square and Hoboken allows passengers at Jersey City, Harrison and Newark Stations to make connections into and out of Hoboken. Without this service passengers would be forced to make those same connections at Christopher Street. This would significantly increase traffic on the already heavily traveled Journal Square to 33rd Street and Hoboken to 33rd Street lines. Travel times for passengers on those lines would also increase.

  4. When do you anticipate reopening the WTC and Exchange Place Stations?
    It will be several years before a new lower Manhattan PATH Station or the Exchange Place Station will open for service. In the meantime, riders bound for the Exchange Place area, may walk 4 blocks from the Grove St. Station. They may also take NJ Transit's Hudson-Bergen Light Rail service from Pavonia/Newport to Exchange Place, or take a PATHLINK bus from Grove St. to Exchange Place; the fare is 75 cents for the bus.

  5. What are the estimated travel times on the Newark - 33rd Street, Hoboken - 33rd Street, and Journal Square - Hoboken lines?

    Line Travel Times
    Newark-33rd 34 minutes
    Journal Square-Hoboken 11 minutes
    Hoboken-33rd Street 14 minutes
    Newark-33rd St. via Hoboken 40 minutes

  6. Why don't you operate express service on the Newark - 33rd Street line?
    Service between Newark and 33rd Street operates on a one track and tunnel route. Express Trains would quickly catch up to local trains and cause waiting times between stations. Since September 11th stations all along the Newark to 33rd Street route have seen dramatic increases in passenger traffic requiring trains to stop at all stations as frequently as possible during peak periods.

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