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Some More Details on PATH Tubes WTC Station

Extract from the complete NYTimes article at :

People who have seen the proposals say that all six designs include a restoration of Greenwich Street, whose southward progression formerly ended at Barclay Street, at the site of 7 World Trade Center, and re-emerged south of Liberty Street. Most of the six plans also call for the reopening of a corridor roughly along the line of Fulton Street, extending from Church Street westward to West Street, either as a pedestrian walkway through the redeveloped site or as a surface street. 

Two plans restore parts of Cortlandt and Dey Streets, usually as east-west pedestrian byways going through the site. The proposed designs also offer several variations on whether and how to submerge West Street. One calls for the roadway to descend below ground from Vesey Street through Battery Park, creating an 18-acre memorial promenade extending from the trade center site south to the Battery. One plan calls for an express roadway to be submerged from Chambers Street through Battery Park, while allowing local traffic to continue to use a smaller West Street adjacent to the site. Another plan would submerge only the section from Vesey to Liberty Street. Others call for building a platform or a pedestrian walkway over the street. 

People who viewed the plans in recent days say they leave many questions unanswered. Among them are the location of the underground site of the PATH train tracks; most plans put the mezzanine station between Greenwich and Church Streets. What would be required for the condemnation and acquisition of property to build residential towers near the site remains unanswered.

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