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    TVs to be installed in PATH cars by 2011   

A German computer technology company called Inova has announced it has reached a $14.7 million deal with NBC Universal to install and maintain a passenger "infotainment" system for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's PATH trains and stations.

But even after Inova's announcement, NBC refused to comment about the deal, while a Port Authority spokesman said it hasn't been reached yet.

Inova spokesman David Lieberman said each PATH train car will be equipped with four pairs of high-resolution, 12-inch television screens that will broadcast pre-programmed news and train information. In the stations, larger screens will broadcast information about arrival times and delays, Lieberman said. The project, which coincides with the $809 million undertaking to modernize the PATH system, is expected to begin in early 2008 and be completed by 2011, Lieberman said. "A lot of urban centers are interested in this technology. But in the U.S., we're way behind what's been happening in Europe," he said. "There's a lot of catch up that needs to be played." Lieberman said similar technology already is in use in Frankfurt, Vienna, Geneva, Madrid and Athens.

The modernization of the PATH system will include the complete overhaul of all 340 trains in the fleet, as well as improved lighting, air conditioning, and heating on both the trains and the stations, among other modern amenities, according to the Port Authority. The project is expected to be completed by 2011. © 2006 The Jersey Journal © 2006 All Rights Reserved. 

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